Everything You Need To Know When Remodeling Your Commercial Kitchen

Design is an important aspect when it comes to a commercial kitchen. It has a significant impact on the kitchen performance and determines whether your space can meet the needs of a restaurant. Your commercial kitchen is more likely to slow down your operation if it uses outdated cooking equipment. Here is everything to know when remodeling your commercial kitchen to help you get the ideal space for commercial operations.

What Makes a Good Commercial Kitchen Design?


A good commercial kitchen should be spacious enough to accommodate your employees and the kitchen equipment. Mobility is also a consideration when determining how spacious an excellent commercial kitchen should be. Ensure the available space is suitable for your workforce and facilitates easy movement and performance of activities.


There are several elements necessary for a kitchen’s functionality. Your commercial kitchen should feature countertops, cabinets, and appliances that serve more than one purpose to allow your space to achieve more. Small kitchens should focus on maximizing resourcefulness to increase their returns.

Energy Efficiency

A good commercial kitchen should maximize energy efficiency. Using energy-efficient appliances in your business will mean you can cut down on amenity costs, saving you money and minimizing your business’s carbon footprint. It can also act as a marketing tool, as some individuals are focused on supporting businesses committed to protecting the environment.

Meets the Health and Safety Requirements

Your kitchen should meet the required health and safety standards to protect your customers and employees. The regulations change over time, and you may need to renew your license severally depending on the present laws. A commercial kitchen’s essential health and safety requirements include a fire escape routine, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, a security system, and even automatic alarms.

How To Remodel Your Commercial Kitchen


The first step when remodeling your commercial kitchen is developing a plan. You will need to look at commercial kitchen designs for your remodel, identify the best prospect, and arrange the project’s execution.

Create a Budget

Creating a budget is another crucial step in your remodeling project. You can request bids from potential contractors and plan on how you will get the necessary financial resources to complete the project.

Find a Team

Finding the right team for your remodeling determines the success of your project. Even with DIY commercial kitchen remodeling, you will still need other people to meet your goals. Find a team that understands your end goal and those who can provide professional input.

Create a Schedule

Now that everything is in order, the final step is creating a schedule. A schedule should include activity phases that will lead up to upgrading your entire space. You can decide to permanently close access to the kitchen during construction or continue to use the kitchen; the latter will take longer but be less expensive.

Upgrading your commercial kitchen is an investment in your business. An ideal commercial kitchen will increase returns and maximize productivity for your business, which is what every business person aims for. Reach out to Buchel Construction for professional advice on commercial kitchen remodeling.