Fireplace Remodeling

A fireplace is often the centerpiece of many homes. Offering warmth and beauty during the colder parts of the year, your fireplace provides years of enjoyment for you and your family. However, like other parts of your home, sometimes your fireplace needs remodeling. Fireplace remodeling can make needed updates to your fireplace’s fuel source or keep your fireplace current with your home’s overall design and decoration.

Tips For Remodeling Your Fireplace

The following tips for remodeling your fireplace should give you some ideas about what options you have for fireplace remodeling.

  • Changing the Exterior Appearance. When changing the appearance of your fireplace you do not lack options. Options can include painting the brick or drywalling over the fireplace brickwork, giving you an easily customizable surface. You can also replace the brick with different materials such as stone, river rock, granite slabs, ledge stone, ceramic tiles, concrete, and more.
  • Changing the Fuel Source. Traditional wood fireplaces may not be the most efficient method of heating your home. If you want a warmer home or have respiratory issues, a different fuel source can help. You can convert your wood-burning fireplace to one that runs off of gas, electrical energy, an insert to burn wood pellets, or a vented gas log. Some choices such as gas greatly increase the heat output, while others such as a vented gas log provide the proper ambiance without the pollution burning wood can cause.

Hiring a Professional

You may be considering remodeling your fireplace as a do-it-yourself project. However, you should always hire a professional. When asking why you should hire a professional when dealing with a fireplace, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Safety. When remodeling a fireplace you want to be sure it is done properly and without any installation errors. If you’re updating the type of fuel your fireplace uses, you definitely want to be certain this is done correctly as problems such as gas leaks or electrical issues can be dangerous.
  • Complexity. As with any home improvement project, the steps needed to do it correctly can often be more complex than they first appear. By hiring a professional, you have an expert who knows what to expect and has seen all the different needs that can arise during a remodeling job.

Final Thoughts

Your fireplace keeps your home cozy and is a key part of the overall winter season. If you need to make some changes, a professional can help. No matter if you’re looking to improve your fireplace’s look, change its fuel source, or do both, a professional can help you with your goals.