How a Kitchen Remodel Can Transform Your Home

Do you want to know how to transform your home with a kitchen remodel? Remodeling your kitchen can be a good opportunity to get the functionality and look you’ve always wanted. The family usually spends time together in the kitchen, catching up, and sharing meals with one another. If you want to transform this area, there are many ways to do this.

Kitchen Remodeling & Transformation of Your Home

There are many remodeling tips for your kitchen you can consider to help transform it. 

Make Walkways Wider

For many people, the issue that they have with their kitchen space is a tight or narrow walkway. This is especially problematic for bigger families, which can make cooking with someone else challenging.

The perfect solution is to add wider walkways. However, you should make sure that you leave enough room between parallel cabinets or add an island and cabinet so you can easily walk through the space easily.

Make sure that your paths are at least 36 inches wide. In the area where you will be doing the majority of the cooking, you can make an aisle that is at least 42 inches wide for one cook and 48 inches wide for two cooks.

Microwave Height Matters

While the height of your microwave probably isn’t at the top of your priority list when remodeling your kitchen, it is a huge detail that can determine how functional your kitchen really is. Think about everyone who lives in the house and who would be making use of the microwave the most. If you make a kid-friendly microwave station, the height may be too short for the rest of your family members.

Functional Island

Kitchen islands should not just be for decoration purposes. Islands can add much more functionality to any kitchen if you work them into the space correctly. The first step is determining how your island will function in your kitchen. For example, are you planning on using your island as a dining space? Will your island be used as a space to prep a meal? Or will it be a combination of the two?

Add Landing Spaces Next to Appliances

Landing spaces are counter spaces that let you place things down while prepping ingredients or cooking a meal. Many kitchens run into issues when they don’t have enough counter space, which can make your kitchen feel more crowded.

You will really want to add counter space on either side of your appliances, giving you at least 15 inches of free space between each.

Additional Renovation Tips

You may also want to consider the following tips to help transform your kitchen:

  • Add a mixture of lighting options, especially on your island.
  • Take advantage of natural light.
  • Create open space.
  • Upgrade to panel-ready appliances to integrate your appliances into your cabinet space.
  • Replace a section of cabinets with open shelving to catch the eye.