The Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

There are many home improvement projects that can help you get the most out of your living space. Not many can compare, however, with the return on investment (ROI) of an outdoor kitchen. There are many reasons to add an outdoor kitchen, from expanding the amount of living space to creating the perfect space for entertaining—and, of course, adding value to your home.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons to think about adding an outdoor kitchen to your home.

Expands amount of living space

One of the best reasons to add an outdoor kitchen is that it expands the amount of living space of a home. While it doesn’t add to the square footage number on paper, it is essentially another room. Not only that, but it’s a versatile room that is unlike the living space inside the walls of the home.

An outdoor kitchen can give you flexibility that isn’t always available with an indoor kitchen, too. For example, you can have a pizza oven, a grill, a smoker or a host of other large or smoke-producing cooking stations in an outdoor kitchen. Depending on the size of your outdoor space, you may even be able to have all of these options and more.

An outdoor kitchen also can include cabinets, prep surfaces, trash and compost bins, a bartending area and more. It can include plumbing for water as well as electrical infrastructure for refrigerators and power outlets.

Perfect for entertaining

Doesn’t it always seem that at gatherings in a home, people tend to congregate around the kitchen? Maybe it’s the proximity to the food and drinks, but maybe it’s because the host is often working on things in the kitchen. Another reason to add an outdoor kitchen is that you can open up the space to be perfect for preparing food as well as a relaxing space for guests.

For larger gatherings, especially holidays, you might need more kitchen space than you have. With an outdoor kitchen, you’ve got enough space to prep a whole bunch of food without having to time the use of the ovens or refrigerator or freezer space down to the minute to make sure everything is ready on time.

Adds value to your home

In addition to all the tangible benefits that an outdoor kitchen can offer, another reason to add an outdoor kitchen to your home is that it increases the value of your home. It is one of the most value-adding home improvements you can make, with the value added often being upwards of double the cost of the project when calculated into the listing price.

In addition to the appliances and infrastructure you might undertake for adding an outdoor kitchen, you may want to consider other aspects like shade or rain protection overhead, electronics like TVs or sound systems or comfortable patio furniture and storage.

When you’re ready to plan and install the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, get in touch with the pros at Buchel Construction to schedule a consultation.